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Cost-effective School Cleaning

If you need your school premises cleaning at a reasonable rate then we are the team to contact! We can even offer you a completely free no obligation quote to go along with your educational premises.

As with all our work, we will create a detailed plan of action specifically for your property and all your requirements to ensure that you are happy with the work we carry out. We know scheduling for schools can be difficult, but we can work at whatever time is perfect for you.


Westminster School Cleaning Services

We are proud to offer cleaning and support services to schools across London and the South East of England. Our team can carry out a range of different cleaning and support services such as bathroom cleaning, staff room cleaning, end of term cleaning, and more. All this is available at the times that work for you and your school.

Bathroom Cleaning

Our team of hygiene experts can keep on top of your school's bathrooms for you, to make sure that they are in a safe and clean state for the students. We all know how quickly grime and mess can build up in these areas. We will be there for clean-up!

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is now more important than ever, especially within schools. Our experts can concentrate on ensuring your school is disinfected and bacteria-free by mopping floors covered in months of spills, removing chewing gum, steam cleaning furnishings.

Floor Cleaning

Keep your school building floors sparkling clean with our team. We can scrape the floors clean of any unwanted messes, mop down any hard to remove stains, and polish any floors that are in desperate need of a new shine.

Furniture Cleaning

After a terms-worth of sitting and moving around on furniture, they can begin to get dirty with crumbs underneath cushions and stains soaking into fabric. We can take care of that for you and ensure that all your school's furniture is in fantastic condition.

End of Term Cleaning

An end of term clean will ensure that every classroom, bathroom, and office in your school is looking great ready for the next term. Everything from the kitchens, to the hallways, to the outdoor areas will be taken care of for you and your students.

Office & Staff Rooms Cleaning

It's not just the student areas of the school we can work on, our team are happy to fully clean the staff rooms and offices too. This includes cleaning lockers, removing stains, sanitising desks and chairs, wiping down light fittings, and more.


School Deep Cleaning Services

Deep cleaning has become an absolute necessity since the pandemic, especially when it comes to school environments. Our team offers customisable deep clean services so you can ensure that your school is completely bacteria-free.

In some cases, a full deep clean can take multiple weeks to complete, but we believe the final result is worth it. The process of a deep clean includes moving all obstructions from the area, detailed dusting and sweeping, a full disinfecting routine, and ensuring your flooring is debris and stain free.

Professional School Cleaners

Not only do we offer the best school cleaning services available across the South East of England, we also understand how important the safety of your school's students is. This is why all the cleaners who work for London Commercial Cleaning have been DBS checked, as well as been fully tested and vetted.


Our team always aims to complete their cleaning work as swiftly and smoothly as possible so we are causing the least amount of disruption to you.

We achieve this through the excellent training that all our team members have been through.


Efficiency is key in our line of work, and this is why we always aim to work as efficiently as possible, with maximum professionalism while on the job.

Our team uses only the latest top-of-the-line equipment and techniques to ensure that the cleaning work is handled expertly.


Our team at {company_Name} have been working in the hygiene field for multiple years, meaning that the service you receive is informed by dozens of previous cleans.

Even the management and support team have a deep knowledge of hygiene, offering you the best service possible.

Our Services

Office Cleaning City of London, Westminster, Mayfair

Office Cleaning

Our team offers core daily office cleans along with support services too. We know how quickly offices can turn messy, so we are here to take all the stress away from you, allowing your staff to concentrate on their work.

School Cleaning City of London, Westminster, Mayfair

School Cleaning

It's important for a school to be clean for the health and education of its children. We offer customised cleaning schedules so we can find a plan that suits you, as well as free no-obligation quotes for the educational premises.

Hotel Cleaning City of London, Westminster, Mayfair

Hotel Cleaning

Our dedicated staff can ensure your hotel is maintained to an exceptional standard. We can clean all areas from the reception to the suites to the kitchens. We are committed to always delivering cleaning services with high attention to detail.